Alphagenics Biotech Srl

SmartHealth Technological development Trajectories: 
Biomedical Technologies, in Vivo and in Vitro Diagnostics, Innovative Therapy

Alphagenics is one of the most qualified national companies in the use of innovative molecular biology techniques for in-depth analysis of the prognostic/diagnostic issues suitable both for clinical use and research in medical and environmental fields.

Aphagenics focuses on independent and outsourcing research, development and production of kits. the company provides consulting services for technology transfer of new projects with an R&D department engaged in the development of new technologies and design of custom solutions to fully meet the needs of the market.

The company has developed different systems for molecular typing and quantification of viral genomes (HPV/HCV) using reverse dot/blot, Real-time PCR and ELISA methodologies.
The company offers a full panel of prognostic kits linked to drug therapy of some of the most important cancers based mainly on Real-time PCR technology: kit for colon and gastric carcinoma (ARKRAS e ACMSi), thyroid, colon and melanoma cancer (ARBRAF), glioblastoma (ARMGMt), lung cancer (A lEGFR) and an innovative prognostic kit that provides the probability of recurrence in breast cancer (ARBREASt). Tests are highly reproducible, sensitive and rapid.


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