Institutions and Research Groups

Updated index of the skills of numerous research teams working locally in the Smart Health field involving Universities and Research Centres.

AOUTS - UNITS - DSM - UCO di Otorinolaringoiatria

• Prof. Giancarlo Tirelli, Direttore della Clinica di Otorinolaringoiatria dell’Ospedale di Cattinara e della Scuola di Specializzazione;
• Dott.ssa Annalisa Gatto, Dirigente Medico in servizio presso la clinica di Otorinolaringoiatria
• dott.ssa Margherita Tofanelli, Medico specializzando (V anno) e dottoranda (I anno) del Corso di Dottorato di ricerca in Nanotecnologie;
• dott.ssa Francesca Boscolo Nata, Medico Specializzando (III anno)
• dott. Marco Piovesana, Medico Specializzando (V anno)

ASUI Udine - SOC Tecnologia dell'Informazione e della Comunicazione

SmartHealth Technological development Trajectories: 
Medical informatics and Bioinformatics

The ICT Complex Organizational Structure cooperates with all Clinics and Administrative Units of the Academic Hospital of Udine in Integrated projects and activities that aim to improve, through technological innovation, the "integrated care continuity" of patients and the decision-making processes related to the governance of the hospital.

CNR - IOM - Democritos - Laboratory for computational biology

SmartHealth Technological development Trajectories: 
Innovative Therapy

The research group of Dr. A Magistrato is devoted to study the molecular mechanism of diseases' onset thanks to the use of computer simulations techniques (classical and ab initio molecular dynamics) as well as to design new drugs and repositioning of existing drugs via structure based drug design (virtual screening, docking).

CRO - Oncologia Medica Pordenone-S.Vito

The Medical Oncologyof Pordenone-S.Vito has the objectiveamd the faculty to treat solid tumors of different origin both as regards the adjuvant that that neoadjuvant that palliative therapy. He takes part in national and international studies on new chemotherapeutic agents, immunotherapy or target inhibitors. The most interesting pathologies are melanoma, all the genito-urinary tumors gastrointestinal and gynecological

CRO - SOC Ricerca traslazionale - Immunopatologia e biomarcatori tumorali

The group is currently focusing on the clinical validation of a diagnostic prototype detecting circulating tumor cells.

The group expertise is multidisciplinary covering the following areas: biology (molecolar, cellular), bioengineering (sensors, automation, software programming), imaging (light sources, optomechanics, fluorescence, machine vision), microfluidics, data mining.

  • ministero dell'istruzione dell'universita e della ricerca
  • regione fvg
  • Area Science Park
  • ProESOF 2020