Free online course "European Science Diplomacy Online Course"

The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) participates in the S4D4C project (Using Science for/in Diplomacy for Addressing Global Challenges), which is supporting science diplomacy as a means to foster EU´s commitments to the SDGs.

Capacity building on science diplomacy among European researchers is key for this goal to happen.

We are happy to announce the launch of our European Science Diplomacy Online Course. We aim to provide participants with the relevant training, knowledge, and insights necessary to understand and navigate the European science diplomacy interface.

The course is free of charge and offers eight modules (that can be completed in around 15 hours) which provide students with basic to more specific content on science diplomacy answering questions such as what it is, who are the stakeholders, how it is done in the EU, what approaches exists, what skills are needed, and some insights coming from S4D4C empirical case studies.
The successful completion of the course is rewarded with an S4D4C certificate.




  • ministero dell'istruzione dell'universita e della ricerca
  • regione fvg
  • Area Science Park
  • ProESOF 2020