Multi-Stakeholder Networking

CBM strengthen the research system supporting enterprises; map and monitor enterprises innovation needs, public research system competences, and infrastructures; implement network activities; enhance research and knowledge transfer; support enterprises in gaining access to capital; and promote networking and partnerships with other clusters at regional, european and international levels.

CBM through the promotion and strengthening of network relationships aims at the growth and enhancement of companies operating in the BioHighTech regional sector.

After a phase of involvement and consolidation at both regional and national level, the Molecular Biomedicine District of Friuli Venezia Giulia pursues its growth goal by enhancing connections with other European clusters and industrial realities.

The construction of the network does not aim to replace the existing connections between the companies and the research groups but wants to offer further opportunities for knowledge, collaboration and interchange.


High-Level EU Cluster Mission to USA 2017

CBM Cluster Smart Health was been present at "High-Level EU Cluster Mission to USA", mission organised by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform and BILAT USA 4.0 as a follow-up to the EU-US Cooperation Arrangement on Clusters signed between the U.S. Department of Commerce and DG GROWTH of the European Commission.

The mission is an unique opportunity for european clusters to stimulate collaboration and exchange of good practices and strategies between territories and  develop transatlantic strategic partnerships.

Institutional economic Mission Cuba 2017

CBM has been participated in the institutional economic mission that will be held in Cuba from 17 to 19 October 2017 and will be led by the Regional Councilor for Culture, Sport and Solidarity Gianni Torrenti.

The initiative is part of the project "SMEs 4 Business Development China & Cuba", a project of technical assistance aimed at encouraging Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region's businesses to two strategic markets: CHINA and CUBA.

The objective is to facilitate the creation of partnerships between SMEs, regional clusters and research and innovation centers and companies in the Republic of Cuba to strengthen bilateral cooperation in priority areas identified in synergy with the Cuban Embassy in Italy, the Chamber of Cuba Trade and the Cuban Ministry of Investment.

The mission aims to develop trade cooperation and investment in four priority areas: Cluster of wood-furniture / restoration, Bio-medical Cluster and Research, Cluster Cruising, Creative Industry and Culture.

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