UNIV TS - DIA - 3D Lab

SmartHealth Technological development Trajectories: 
Biomedical Technologies, in Vivo and in Vitro Diagnostics

The main activity of the 3D Lab is related to the study, through the development of innovative experimental techniques and numerical methods, of the mechanical behavior of complex structure materials such as trabecular bone and in general biological and artificial biomaterials.
Analytical techniques used and instrumentation available include:

  • Reconstruction of internal structure/damage by micro-CT
  • Morphological analysis
  • Numerical Analysis: FEM / Cell Method
  • In-house developed software for simulation of loads application
  • In-house developed software for evaluation of bone quality
  • Machine for tests at low load: tension / compression max 2kN, developed in-house
  • 3D Printer: Builder Premium Medium (build volume 210x210x400 mm)


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Via Valerio 10, 34127 Trieste
  • ministero dell'istruzione dell'universita e della ricerca
  • regione fvg
  • Area Science Park
  • ProESOF 2020