6th EU-US Conference on Repair of endogenous DNA damage

September 24th-28th 2017
University of Udine, Italy

This meeting will explore the latest developments and cutting edge technologies in this research area with an emphasis on understanding the etiology of human disease and the development of personalized approaches to cancer therapy as well as treatment strategies to delay and/or reduce genome damage associated with aging.

The program and venue will maximize dissemination of new results and ideas, enhance existing interactions and foster new collaborations among scientists from the United States and Europe.


  • DNA stability and replication
  • DNA Editing: Mechanisms underlying mutational signatures in human cancers
  • DNA damage response: Pre-clinical and translational aspects
  • Defects in the DNA damage response as targets for personalized therapeutic approaches
  • Stability of the genome in aging and non-neoplastic disease
  • Advanced technologies for analysis of DNA repair
  • Regulatory mechanisms of RNA functions in genome stability
  • DNA damage and epigenetics
  • DNA repair and environmental pollutants



Tomas Lindahl

2015, Nobel Prize for Chemistry

(Francis Crick Institute, UK)

Philip C. Hanawalt

(Stanford University, CA, USA)


Further information: dnarepair.uniud.it

24 Settembre 2017 - 28 Settembre 2017
University of Udine, Italy
  • ministero dell'istruzione dell'universita e della ricerca
  • regione fvg
  • Area Science Park
  • ProESOF 2020