CERIC-ERIC Central European Research Infrastructure Consortium

Traiettoria di sviluppo tecnologico SmartHealth: 
Biomedicale, Diagnostica in Vivo e Vitro, Terapia Innovativa

CERIC-ERIC is an integrated multidisciplinary and multiprobe research infrastructure open to external basic and applied users in the fields of materials, biomaterials and nanotechnology. With a single entry point, it allows the use of excellent facilities in 8 European countries. This multi-technique approach gives access and expertise in a wide range of techniques and is very successful in most complex scientific challenges, e.g. in alternative sources of energy and energy storage, biomedical and pharmaceutical materials, food and food conservation, cultural heritage etc.
Access is free for basic users and commercial for industrial users. Free access is by international peer review selection and open publication, industrial and/or proprietary use is at market cost. 
Both industry and research benefit from access to both standard and cutting-edge techniques and the support of teams of experts. Excellent scientists and industrial liaison officers at a central level and in the partner facilities give advice and training to find the best solutions for new scientific knowledge and industrial innovation

Progetti del Gruppo di Ricerca

Nano-Analytics in Pharmaceutics
Principal Investigator (PI): Aden Hodzic Scientific fields: Pharmaceutical technology, formulations, polymorph/amorphous properties, bioavailability and dissolution, quality, stability and aging.
RENEWALS - Graphene for Water in Life Sciences
Principal Investigator (PI): Maya Kiskinova Scientific fields: Graphene, water, nanotoxicology, microfabrication, correlative microscopies.
CEROP - Deciphering single-atom catalysis in Pt/ceria systems via advancing the CERIC operando methods
Principal Investigator (PI): Josef Mysliveček
Dyna Chiro - Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Chiral Systems
Principal Investigator (PI): Kevin Prince Scientific fields: pump-probe studies of free molecules; molecular dichroism; dynamics of topological insulators; pump-probe studies of solids; insertion device technology; soft x-ray optics.
MAG-ALCHEMI - Magnetic Anisotropy Grafting by means of Atomic Level CHEMical engineering at film InterfaceMAG-ALCHEMI - Magnetic Anisotropy Grafting by means of Atomic Level CHEMical engineering at film Interfaces
Principal Investigator (PI): Andrea Locatelli Scientific fields: Magnetism in layered structures relevant to basic and applied research in physics.


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