Knowledge turns into conscious actions at all company levels. Keeping up with innovation is particularly strenuous without a consolidated knowledge base.

PLUS works together with its clients in order to consolidate the information flow, which leads to an efficient process of transforming information into knowledge.


Apps development

We develop software applications and easy-to-use tools, which meet our clients' technological needs, in terms of project and production processes. Our software solutions are always at state-of-the-art of IT technologies.

Machine Learning

We help companies in various industrial sectors, by applying the most advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques, steering processes towards the 4th industrial revolution.

CAE with vitamins

With over 20 years of experience in virtual prototyping, we work alongside companies in the product development phases, using the most advanced numerical simulation, optimization, and parametric design techniques.


PLUS offers training programs on some of the current most innovative topics, such as Design Of Experiments (DoE), data mining and parametric design. The sessions can be on-the-job or the classical frontal training (one-to-one or small groups).



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