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CERIC-ERIC Central European Research Infrastructure Consortium

Traiettoria di sviluppo tecnologico SmartHealth: 
Biomedicale, Diagnostica in Vivo e VitroTerapia Innovativa

CERIC-ERIC is an integrated multidisciplinary and multiprobe research infrastructure open to external basic and applied users in the fields of materials, biomaterials and nanotechnology. With a single entry point, it allows the use of excellent facilities in 8 European countries. This multi-technique approach gives access and expertise in a wide range of techniques and is very successful in most complex scientific challenges, e.g. in alternative sources of energy and energy storage, biomedical and pharmaceutical materials, food and food conservation, cultural heritage etc.

  • ministero dell'istruzione dell'universita e della ricerca
  • regione fvg
  • Area Science Park
  • ProESOF 2020