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Traiettoria di sviluppo tecnologico SmartHealth: 
Informatica medica e Bioinformatica

The research group of Computer Science at University of Trieste is composed of five professors, some of which are actively involved in research in areas like bioinformatics, digital health, and computational systems biology.
The group has a strong expertise in model-based analysis and prediction in biology and medicine. Our research interest involve the development of novel algorithmic approaches to solve problems in the field, from theoretical foundations down to the implementation and realisation of prototype devices.
Current subfields of interests involve:
– Construction and analysis of dynamical models of biological systems, with applications in systems and synthetic biology.
– Development of algortithmic procedures to analyse, extract information and process next generation sequencing data.
– Development of monitoring and controlling routines of biomedical signals (with
current applications in Brain-Control-interface devices and assisted ventilation of intensive care patients).
We have a general expertise in developing computational and statistic models of biological systems, and to develop efficient algorithmic analysis procedures of data and models.
The group has a longstanding interaction with the bioinformatics group at the university of Udine, and several connections with top European and American Research institutions.


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